Our philosophy

The company's operating methods and processes allow partners, distributors, technicians and system integrators to come together forming one competitive, winning team that provides highly specialized services and integrated systems.

Our guidelines:

Customer orientation

Client satisfaction is our most important goal. While crafting our wide range of products, we're attentive to users'wants and needs and make every effort to offer solutions that fully meet and exceed expectations.

Technological innovation

We select the most cutting-edge technology available on the market, company know-how then makes custom integrations to render these products reliable, simple to install, use and maintain.

Green efforts

Here at VisioRay we respect and care for the environment. We favor the use of low-impact technology and make sure that our products present an efficient energy ratio.

The green program

We work exclusively with companies that, like ours, use ecologically aligned manufacturing processes and observe European Union directives. VisioRay collects unused products for free, these items make their way back to our headquarters and are transformed into new reusable resources.

One of our short-term goals is to reduce on-road transportation for product delivery. We intend to address this shared concern by taking advantage of a ramified network of distributors and by moving our warehouses closer to city centers minimizing the excessive transit of vehicles.

We consciously recognize the fundamental importance of our ecosystem and do our best to protect it with passion and determination!

Our guidelines:


We ask that our collaborators act knowingly and conform to environmental guidelines.


Our principles apply to all company activities, from acquisitions to development, from production to sale, from transportation to recycling.


We use digitalized systems for all communication needs, even when it comes to legal matters.


We ask that our clients and partners do not print materials unless absolutely necessary, catalogs and updates are always made available in digital formats.


Our products are carefully selected and durable (presenting a long life cycle), easily disassembled and disposable.


Our research is ongoing, we work to create original solutions that will make the difference in future projects.